Game Jobs in Sweden.

People Practices (HR) Coordinator
Discovered 2 days ago.
Senior Data Analyst
Discovered 3 days ago.
Senior Game Designer, Unannounced Project
Discovered 3 days ago.
Release Manager
Discovered 9 days ago.
Associate Live Director
Discovered 10 days ago.
Software Engineering Manager
Discovered 10 days ago.
Group Technical Director
Discovered 11 days ago.
Game Artist
Discovered 16 days ago.
Product Marketing Manager (Stockholm Studio)
Discovered 16 days ago.
Engineering Manager – Quality Verification Engineering
Discovered 18 days ago.
Game Designer, Unannounced Project
Discovered 19 days ago.
Master Thesis – Improving Accessibility
Discovered 22 days ago.
Game Designer theHunter Call of the Wild
Discovered 23 days ago.
Concept Artist (Stockholm Studio)
Discovered 25 days ago.
Technical Artist
Discovered 26 days ago.
Associate Producer
Discovered 27 days ago.
VFX Artist (Stockholm Studio)
Discovered 28 days ago.
Engineering Manager – Engineering Services
Discovered about 1 month ago.