3D Fantasy Character Animator (RTS)

Hi! We're looking for a 3D Animator to create some animations for us. You can find our game here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1297660/Fragments_Moonrise/ We're beginning a 3D overhaul to this project, so if fantasy creatures are what you like animating, definitely apply! Since we're converting from 2D to 3D, you will be able to access some sprite sheet animations for various characters for how to animate them. Creative freedom is allowed. Not all characters have sprite sheet animations, so working from a discussed concept will be required. The project is an RTS, so animations need to be bold and exaggerated. This is to ensure they look good from afar, as that is how the players will be viewing them. What you will be doing: -Rigging. We will only be sending you the base 3D model + textures. The models are all fantasy characters, so ghosts, dragons, spiders, etc. -Animation, including an Idle, Move, Attack, and Death animation. We are only in need of these 4 animations. We are not in need of animation variations. What to send in your email to us: -A Portfolio of 3D animations (Fantasy, preferable) -(Optional) Resume/background about your artistic experience. What we're looking for: -Someone who loves fantasy characters. -Someone who is good at taking creative liberty. -(Optional) Someone who loves the RTS genre and has worked on animating for other RTS-style games. Let me know your rates when you apply! Email: yyanthire@gmail.com
Yyanthire Studio is looking to hire a 3D Fantasy Character Animator (RTS) at their Remote location. Job contains the tags Remote, Temp, Maya, Max, Blender, Character, Animation and Art.
Job discovered on 6/10/2021