Wargaming is looking for an Archivist for the Military History department.

Respect to history is Wargaming's credo. In our games, the military vehicles of the past are given a new life. Our goal is a historically accurate recreation of military vehicles of the past decades on the screens of millions of players.

The work of an archivist includes studying lots of information from historical sources and literature.  We often need to urgently find important information in large volumes of materials. That's why their systemization in order to accelerate research and provide results is very important.

What will you do?

  • Work with large amounts of electronic data, systemize the incoming data, and maintain the order of the existing data (this is the main employee function).

  • Search for and systemize historical materials about military vehicles (Internet, printed issues, archives, museums, exhibitions, private collections, company partners, etc.)

  • Provide information retrieval and prepare historical notes on particular requests.

  • Provide advice on the military vehicle history for the whole department.

What are we looking for?

  • Knowledge of and interest in the military history in general and military vehicle history in particular. Knowledge of main events and milestones of military history of the 20th—early 21th centuries, history and trends of design and combat use of armored vehicles and its types from the beginning to our days (20th—early 21th centuries).

  • Knowledge of the layout of combat vehicles, their exterior and internal structure, understanding of how the vehicle units and modules work.

  • Experience in working with database management systems: creating databases and filling them with data, maintaining the integrity of the database, creating multitable forms, creating requests and receiving reports on them.

  • Knowledge of text and graphics editors, and other software required for working with large volumes of text and graphics files, their editing, and systemizing.

  • Pre-Intermediate level of English (A2) or higher, experience in reading technical texts and/or texts rife with military terminology.

  • Combination of creative and technical thinking.

What additional skills will help you stand out?

  • Understanding the difference between the historical sources and literature, highlighting the main attributes when working with electronic source copies and literature, first of all, their classification and systemization.

  • Knowledge of archiving, archive structure (funds—inventories—units of storage or cases), experience in records management or research work with archives.

  • Grundlagen (A2) level of German or higher—reading skill is a priority.

  • Interest and experience in scale model building.

  • Knowledge of SQL, Microsoft Access.

About Wargaming

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Wargaming is looking to hire a Archivist at their Minsk, Belarus location. Job contains the tags English, German and Lua.
Job discovered on 12/17/2020

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