Associate Level Designer

An Associate Level Designer at The Gearbox Entertainment Company is an entry-level development role focused on creating 3D worlds for players to explore. This position is for recent college graduates looking to get a start in the industry.

An Associate Level Designer is responsible for assisting the development of levels from the pitch process all the way to shipping. Candidates should have strong level design fundamentals including layout, combat integration, framing, pacing, and environmental storytelling. Job duties will include blocking out spaces, integrating and polishing combat, bug fixing, and helping other members of their group with tasks and bugs as time allows.

This role will work with a small worldbuilding group involving other level designers, level artists, mission designers, and lighting artists to holistically bring life to the worlds our players explore. Associate Level Designers report to the Lead Level Designer on their project and will receive additional mentorship and training from other more experienced Level Designers. This role requires deep understanding of modern first-person shooters, core gameplay tentpoles from various Gearbox games, and a familiarity with Unreal Engine 4. Successful candidates will show aptitude at FPS-centric level design, good communication skills, and the ability to work in teams.


***Due to uncertainty around Covid-19, this role will start off as a full-time work-from-home job. Equipment will be provided by Gearbox. When it is safe to reopen our physical office, this job will be required to be on-site at our Frisco, TX studio.***


  • Design, build, and iterate levels and combats for a multi-platform AAA FPS
  • Work with Enemy Designers to craft interesting combat scenarios
  • Coordinate with the Lead Level Designer and Worldbuilding Director to make sure levels are meeting their production goals and adhering to technical standards
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams with level designers, level artists, mission designers, and lighting artists to ensure that levels are cohesive and meet a high standard of quality
  • Bug fix levels and combats as content nears its ship date, and assist others in their group with fixing their bugs



  • Completion of a college degree program related to level design, 3D art, game development, or a related field
  • A portfolio website displaying at minimum 2 or 3 examples of 3D Level Design projects. Unreal Engine 4 is preferred.
  • Familiarity and understanding of the Borderlands franchise and core gameplay mechanics


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Gearbox Software is looking to hire a Associate Level Designer at their Frisco, TX, USA location. Job contains the tags AAA, Unreal and Designer.
Job discovered on 1/14/2021

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