Biomedical Engineer, Health Data Collection

Job Description

As Biomedical Engineer, Health Data Collection, you are responsible for collecting, exploring, and analyzing data for development and testing of novel biomedical algorithms that fuse spatial and visual computing paradigms. You will contribute to innovations at the intersection of spatial computing and artificial intelligence by investigating cutting edge research that can be applied to the fulfillment of health enterprise partner requirements. You will be hands-on in prototyping and refining physiological and biomechanical signal data collection and processing, and will assist the health algorithms and software development teams in their translation into production environments.


  • Collect and process biological (ECG, EEG, EMG, metabolics) and biomechanical (motion capture and force platforms) signals for algorithm development, validation and verification processes.
  • Investigate and stay relevant with current research in biomedical sensor technologies and physiological signal processing, and research ways to apply promising technologies within a spatial computing paradigm.
  • Design and execute initial data collection and analysis mechanisms and protocols for data processing and data storage.
  • Manage internal testing storage mechanisms for validation data .
  • Assist with the design, writing, and publishing of research papers as well as white papers detailing novel methodologies.
  • Generate innovative ideas and concepts, and provide technical expertise and documentation for patent application filings.


  • 3+ years of industry experience as a biomedical researcher, biomedical algorithm developer, and/or data scientist 
  • Experience working in biomedical algorithm development for health / medical device applications.
  • 3+ years coding & debugging, preferably with Python and MATLAB.
  • Proven research capabilities in biomedical sensors and physiological signals required. 
  • Experience in the application of biomedical research to spatial computing, augmented reality, or virtual reality is a strong plus.
  • Knowledge of ECG, EEG, EMG, HR, respiration, and metabolic signals.
  • Experience with 3D motion capture (Vicon or similar) data capture methodology
  • Experience in the development of test protocols for the measurement and monitoring of health and medical applications is a strong plus.
  • Proven ability and experience to use data to draw the right conclusions.
  • Strong experience with software practices such as source control, testing, code review. Knowledge of git is highly desirable.


  • MS or PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Physiology, or similar required.

Additional Information

  • All your information will be kept confidential according to Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines


Magic Leap is looking to hire a Biomedical Engineer, Health Data Collection at their 14268 S Maple Ln Ct, Oregon City, OR 97045, USA location. Job contains the tags VR, AR, Remote, Motion Capture, Python, AI and Programmer.
Job discovered on 7/21/2021