Build Engineer


We’re ArenaNet—we’ve created a studio that builds online worlds infused with innovation, hand-crafted excellence, and creative passion. We're not the only ones who share this passion; gamers made Guild Wars 2 the fastest selling MMO in the West with more than 3 million copies sold in its first 9 months, and players and press have consistently called it one of the best games of all time. 

Online worlds are an always-on service for our players.  ArenaNet’s Release Management and Engineering Team takes great pride in maintaining and authoring critical path systems that keep pace with our live games, with an emphasis on predictability, stability, maintainability, and efficiency. 

We are seeking meticulous and deliberate people like you who are workflow experts that love to use technology and engineering to design and improve core, product, pipelines from start to finish and beyond! 


You are an experienced Software Engineer in the field of Build and Release Engineering who can manage our multi-branch Guild Wars 2 build systems. You can prioritize the health of the live game over convenient shortcuts and make tough decisions on the fly when needed. You are passionate about automating existing systems and dedicated to supporting the systems of your predecessors in keeping game development moving.  You thrive in a culture of engineering excellence and enjoy helping others to achieve their dreams! 


  • You are passionate about CI/CD best practices, methodologies, workflows, and pipelines. 
  • You have experience managing 5 or more concurrent code/content branches, and their associated, automated build systems. 
  • You are fluent in Python. 
  • You are capable with at least one other scripting systems such as bash, batch, PowerShell, LUA, Ruby, Groovy. 
  • You are familiar with C/C++, C#, or Java. 
  • You are very experienced with Perforce and familiar with Git. 
  • You are operationally knowledgeable and competent in Windows, Windows Server, and Linux 
  • You understand the inner-workings and APIs for Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Visual Studio, PyCharm, IntelliJ, and SaltStack. 
  • You are a strong self-planner with excellent time management, debugging/troubleshooting skills. 
  • You are not afraid to navigate unfamiliar, complex systems written in many languages and improve them. 
  • You have strong interpersonal skills with communication, conflict management, resolution, empathy, and encouragement. 
  • Love Guild Wars and want to make it even better for our players! 


  • Design, develop and improve our highly customized code and content build automation for Windows, Mac, and Linux 
  • You will primarily use Python, Groovy, Ruby, Lua, Node and to a lesser extent Java, C#, and C++ on a weekly basis. 
  • Collaborate with engineer team leads, IT, QA, and Production to identify, implement, create, refine, and maintain our workflows and processes. 
  • Troubleshoot and fix systems, software, and infrastructure, often not your own. 
  • Strategize and advise product/tool workflows, branching, release lifecycles, and CI/CD methodologies using metrics. 
  • Help in designing, developing, and deploying modular cloud-based systems to AWS. 
NCSoft is looking to hire a Build Engineer at their Bellevue, WA, USA location. Job contains the tags C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, Linux, Lua and Programmer.
Job discovered on 10/12/2021