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Company Description

Founded in 1992, Montreal-based Behaviour Interactive is one of North America’s largest independent game developers with close to 600 employees and over 70 million games sold on every platform. To date, the company’s games have reached more than 200 million players worldwide. In 2019, its most successful IP, the award-winning Dead by Daylight,  celebrated 12 million players. Behaviour counts amongst its partners some of the world’s most recognized brands such as Sony, Disney, Netflix, Activision, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Xbox Game Studios, Google, Bombardier, Wargaming, HBO, NetEase, Gaea, La Capitale, and many more. For more information: 

Job Description

Behaviour designers are focused on making incredible experiences for millions of players in different genres from all over the world. Our Economic Game Designers job is to understand how a game works, what drives players, creating helpful simulations and implementing balancing data.  Additionally, Economy Designers assist the Live Operations teams in “games as a service” by identifying and developing strategies to improve key performance metrics.  You will also contribute to the design as a whole, providing feedback and suggestions to develop compelling mechanics.


  • Collaborate with the design team on all game designs and provide active feedback
  • Work with other disciplines like Engineers, Data Analysts, and Product Managers to find and champion solutions
  • Assist in the overall monetization strategy in planning and implementing virtual products for sale
  • Provide a grass roots approach in helping establish the game economic vision and strategy
  • Plan data design to be flexible for a constantly evolving F2P market
  • Establish rules and data parameters for key systems in the game
  • Design, implement, tune, and balance game systems, economies, and player progression
  • Contribute to and create design support documentation as necessary
  • Continually iterate and improve game balance and the tuning features to maximize performance and improve the feel of the game


  • 3+ years of experience as a Systems Designer with a strong understanding of economy design
  • Post-secondary education in Game Design, Economics, or Mathematics is a plus.
  • A masterful understanding of Excel and other economic tools
  • Thorough understanding of game design fundamentals and theory on how to craft an enjoyable experience
  • Analytical thinking with the ability to identify issues ahead of time
  • A strong understanding of market trends and monetization strategies
  • Fluent in oral/written English
  • Understanding of Excel VBA is also a plus
  • Passion, you need to love making games as much as we do!

Additional Information

A portfolio of your recent work is a plus. 

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Behaviour is looking to hire a Economic Game Designer - Dead by Daylight Mobile at their Montreal, QC, Canada location. Job contains the tags Temp, Max, English, Designer and Lighting.
Job discovered on 5/7/2020

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