Game Designer

Game Designer -Game design experience, Metroidvania style games a big advantage. -Experience designing and working in Unity -Previous experience in launching a similar title is a big advantage -Heavy creative design experience including experience with -Creation and evolution of game concept ideas concepts -Experience with experimenting with themes and genres -Developing maps, scenarios including varied levels of difficulty -Creating multiple paths to accomplish each gameplay goal -Design the gameplay reward/punishment system. -Decide the rhythm and the intensity of the game reward and punishment. -Help to design the enemy and bosses pattern, attacks, and weaknesses. -Design environmental elements that can make any play area fun and challenging -Help design the main character grow system/ability system -Good organizational skills and ability to focus on every level of detail -Problem-solving ability We'll consider just candidates with previous experience on shipped titles. Please contact us @
Subcult Joint is looking to hire a Game Designer at their remote location. Job contains the tags Unity, Environment, Designer, Remote, Senior and Lead.
Job discovered on 11/17/2021