Game Writer (Star Wars Team)

Respawn Entertainment is looking for a highly-skilled Game Writer to join our Star Wars team! Our ideal candidate is passionate about the art of storytelling through interactive narratives and experienced in writing dialogue, scenes, story treatments, and supporting text for AAA games. We are picturing someone with strong narrative sensibilities who can embrace our game development philosophy and share their hard earned expertise to create an incredible experience for our players.

What you’ll do...

  • In collaboration with the narrative team and leads/directors, help develop compelling, engaging, and immersive narrative game experiences.
  • Write outlines, story treatments, character guides, world guides, casting documents, and other supporting narrative content.
  • Write concise and evocative dialogue in multiple voices.
  • Promote best practices for storytelling that support our goals of an interactive narrative experience.
  • Collaborate with other departments and assist their narrative-focused goals.
  • Maintain documentation and support recording sessions and management of scripts.
  • Assist as needed with marketing or other written company communications related to the project.

Ideally, you will have...

  • 5+ years’ experience of writing in a professional capacity.
  • Experience as a game writer on shipped titles. AAA experience is ideal.
  • Strong understanding of story and game development process.
  • Passion for third-person action adventure games and the Star Wars™ universe.
  • Strong understanding of how to work with other disciplines in a highly collaborative studio environment.
  • Ability to process and react to feedback from multiple sources. The ability to self-critique and accept outside critique.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and portfolio and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

In addition to opportunities for creative impact and professional growth which come with being a member of our team, working at Respawn has many other perks and benefits! You can read more about these here.

Respawn is looking to hire a Game Writer (Star Wars Team) at their Los Angeles, CA, USA location. Job contains the tags AAA, Unity and Writer.
Job discovered on 3/11/2020

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