Graphics Engineer

Company Information: Encultured AI is a for-profit video game company with a public benefit mission: to develop technologies promoting the long-term survival and flourishing of humanity and other sentient life. We aim to this by creating a game for fun, a laboratory for safety, and a sandbox for culture, all on one platform. You can learn more about the company on our website: Position Description: In this role you would design and implement game graphics in Rust. You would work closely with a team of fellow game developers to reach development milestones. Location: You would primarily work remotely, with regular Zoom calls and Discord communication. At least once per week we work together in person in the San Francisco / Berkeley area for an in-person workday, so if you live nearby it’d be great to have you attend those. Compensation: Starting salary would be between $120k and $180k per year depending on experience, plus healthcare benefits, and equity incentives vesting over 5 years, with raises also becoming available with good individual performance or team-wide accomplishments that expand our revenue stream. We also offer a Safe-Harbor 401(k) with the IRS maximum employer matching. Qualifications: In this role we need candidates to have experience with modern real-time rendering techniques, such as ray tracing, radiosity, global illumination, optimal use of the GPU, and shader design. We’ll need you to apply these skills toward the development of a modern game engine, written in Rust, optimized for interoperability with modern AI/ML techniques. We also welcome experience with: -gameplay network engineering, -physics, -rust. In addition, we have two tiers of qualification for this role: Junior Graphics Engineer & Senior Graphics Engineer. To qualify directly for the Senior title upon joining, we require candidates who have either: -a Bachelor’s degree or above in computer science, physics, mathematics, or a closely related field, or -extensive industry experience that is clearly beyond that of a typical college graduate in CS.
Encultured AI is looking to hire a Graphics Engineer at their Remote location. Job contains the tags AI, C++, Remote, English, Graphic Designer, Environment, Character, Animation, Concept, FX, Designer, Art and Lighting.
Job discovered on 8/22/2022