Internship- open application

To do an internship at Avalanche Studios is almost like being employed by us. In many ways the differences are non-existent; as an intern you are responsible for your own part of the game and the tasks you get depend on your knowledge and background. We are constantly aware of the fact that the internship is part of your education and our goal is to maximize your opportunities to learn and develop. Although we can’t guarantee that your specific work will be visible in the final product, you will feel part of a larger context.

At Avalanche Studios we have many specialized needs within our disciplines. 

Sound Design 
Sound Code 

Systems Programmer
Back-end Engineer
Multiplayer / network Programmer
UI programmer 
Gameplay Programmer
Graphics Programmer 
Tools Programmer
Animation Programmer

Design/ Scripter

World/ Sculpture Designer
Systems Designer
Mission Designer
Level Designer
Game Designer
UI/UX Designer
Technical Designer

  • Work with software such as Maya, MotionBuilder, and Photoshop, as well as custom and proprietary software and tools.
  • Create rigs, character art, animation and other assets to test in-development tools and pipelines.
  • Clean up and modifying facial/body animation and performance capture data
  • Learn and following industry standards and best practices
  • Assist on our motion capture and actor likeness acquisition shoots, and on production assets.

Good to have
  • Must be a student currently enrolled in a 3D Animation, 3D Art, video game or other related program.
  • Extremely detail-oriented and organized with a positive, pro-active and self-motivated attitude
  • Excellent communication skills and an ability to work on a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Ability to take direction well and address notes

How to work
  • Help make new characters, environments, concepts, animations, UI, and/or armor.
  • Work closely with a mentor to improve technical skills, artistic sensibilities, and a strong work ethic.

Technical Art
Lighting Art
Art Pipeline /tools
Vegetation Art
Level Art 

Environment Artist: Work closely with our team to help create compelling worlds that push the boundary of gameplay, art, and storytelling.
  • Skilled in a traditional modelling package like 3DS Max or Maya.
  • Strong sense of composition and layout.

UI Artist: Create polished in-game UI and graphic design elements that enhance player interactions and promote a rewarding player experience.
  • Demonstrates a strong knowledge of graphic design principles in their work.
  • Proficient with Adobe Create Suite.
  • Knowledgeable about video game UI / UX concepts.

Character Artist 
  • Good skills in Maya, Photoshop and Z-brush or equivalent
  • A sense of asset ownership though the art pipeline, taking responsibility for assets from initial creation to implementation in the final product
  • Some experience in creating  character models 
  • Ability to create unique characters based on existing concept Art
  • Good understanding of generating textures from high poly models
Our Values
At Avalanche Studios, we believe in worlds without limits, and we are committed to developing a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. Being part of our world is not contingent on where you’re from, your gender, or sexual orientation. It’s all about your passion, courage and craftsmanship.  
Stockholm Studio
Our state of the art studio is located in the beautiful area of Södermalm, in the center of Stockholm and the Game industry Hub. Our studio is a beautiful place inspired by our catalog of games. We hope you’ll come to think of this place as your home turf and creative foundation.
Avalanche Studios
Avalanche Studios is the original creator of the award-winning Just Cause franchise (published by Square Enix) and the developer of Mad Max (published by Warner Bros. Interactive) and Rage 2 (published by Bethesda Softworks). As a publisher, Avalanche Studios has released theHunter: Call of the Wild, Generation Zero and the free-to-play service theHunter Classic which has reached more than 8 million players across 190 countries. Avalanche Studios was founded in 2003 and is based in Stockholm, New York City and Malmö. The studio develops games using its proprietary Apex technology, enabling huge open worlds filled with emergent gameplay.

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Avalanche Studios is looking to hire a Internship- open application at their Stockholm, Sweden location. Job contains the tags AAA, Motion Capture, Maya, Max, Photoshop, Unity and HTML.
Job discovered on 2/14/2020