Level Designer

Responsibilities: - Design, pitch, & hone ideas from concept stage forward. Examine desired player experience goals and introduce systems and level designs that help fulfill that experience. - Be an equal voice within the design team for making both large- and small-scale decisions throughout the project. - Collaborate deeply with other disciplines. This role will touch on everything from animation to UI to environment art to sound, as well as work closely with core engineering teams. - Own systems and/or map ideas from inception to completion. This includes pitching ideas in their infancy to fine-tuning post-launch. We emphasize a culture of trust, and with that trust comes both responsibility & accountability. - Daily hands-on engine work to bring ideas to life. Required experience: - Experience with modern game engines (Unity, Unreal, etc.). - Experience with building functional systems / gameplay in a visual scripting tool, though experience in code-like scripting environments is a strong plus. - Experience with building maps, levels, or worlds. - Rock-solid understanding of interplay between systems and levels; can take a set of systems or player abilities and build spaces that highlight those abilities in interesting and creative ways. - Previously shipped titles in a design role or demonstrable portfolio of prior non-professional work demonstrating your abilities.
Crazy Monkey Studios is looking to hire a Level Designer at their Belgium location. Job contains the tags AAA, Unity, Unreal, Designer and Writer.
Job discovered on 9/16/2019

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