Multiplayer Engine Programmer

We are looking for an experienced Multiplayer Engine Programmer to drive optimizing and customizing Unreal’s network layer for both bandwidth utilization and CPU efficiency. When optimization is not enough, you will work across disciplines to find ways to mask network and hardware constraints so as to provide a smooth player experience.

Additionally, you will be responsible for providing guidance to gameplay engineers in developing new systems and establishing good practices with designers in understanding how best to create scripted and other content with network efficiency in mind.

If your mission in life is to squeeze every juicy drop of performance out of an industry standard networking layer and use it to distill fine vintages of multiplayer possibility to pair with a full course banquet of innovative game design, then this role is for you.

Ab​​​out Our Team

The Engineering team at ArenaNet thrives on a wide array of perspectives, experiences, and interests. We know that the best creations come from healthy and friendly teams. Our work is woven together with the efforts of other disciplines and crafts within game development. We seek out voices and ideas that might be new to us. We are always on the lookout for ways to help each other, both within the Engineering team, and throughout the studio as a whole. 

Who We Are Looking For

You, our ideal candidate, will have experience tuning UE4’s networking layer and server-side simulation for peak performance in a multiplayer environment, ideally to support more players than is typical for UE out of the box.

You are experienced in determining, communicating, and evangelizing technical constraints. When those constraints impact design direction, you are comfortable working across disciplines to determine alternative options and techniques that create good player experiences while recognizing the limitations of current technology, hardware, and the laws of physics.

You are able to establish, foster and explain good practices for using replication, client-side prediction, preventing and debugging desyncs and other relevant topics that are needed to create a stable and efficient complex multiplayer game.

ArenaNet is looking to hire a Multiplayer Engine Programmer at their Bellevue, WA, USA location. Job contains the tags Unreal, Physics and Programmer.
Job discovered on 10/14/2021