Principal Character Artist (Star Wars Team)

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We’re looking for a highly skilled Principal Character Artist to join our Star Wars team. As a Principal Character Artist on our team, you will own the 3d creation of our hero character, in close cross-functional partnership with other departments such as Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation, Tech Art, and Narrative. Leading by example, you will also be empowered to help mentor members of the Character team while supporting overall efforts of the department. Our ideal candidate for this position is highly experienced in 3D character art game development workflows, has a masterful grasp of organic subject matter, and can nail realistic, high quality models and textures for everything from compelling human faces to creatures, mechs, costumes, and gear. We are picturing someone who is passionate about bringing heroes and villains to life through their 3D artistry, who can embrace our game development philosophy and share their hard earned expertise to create an incredible experience for our players.


What you’ll do...

  • Create highly detailed and believable 3D character models and textures for use in-game.
  • Own the 3d creation of our hero character, working in close cross-functional partnership with other departments such as Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation, Tech Art,  and Narrative.
  • Use exceptional modeling and texturing ability to create living, breathing characters with personality.
  • Assist in creation of character and costume concepts.
  • Own character models from conception, evolution, and the final stages of polish.
  • Follow the direction of art leads. Collaborate with other departments such as animation and game design to make sure artwork fits within vision for gameplay and final execution. 
  • Participate in research and development.
  • Assist with setting department standards and guiding process enhancements for the Character Art pipeline.
  • Follow schedule and deliver assets on time.
  • Mentor other artists and lead by example.


Ideally, you will have...

  • 7+ years’ experience as a 3D artist. Prior experience as a Senior or Principal Character Artist on a shipped AAA title is strongly preferred. Experience owning the 3d creation of a hero character on a shipped AAA title as a major plus.
  • Portfolio of highly detailed 3D art with a focus on character models subjects, highly realistic textures (i.e., skin, hair, worn fabric/accessories), accurate anatomy, detailed clothing, personal props, etc. Portfolio should show quality, taste, and ability to hit a photorealistic look.
  • Mastery of standard art packages such as Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush.
  • Strong understanding of scale, proportion, surface properties, and anatomy.
  • Experience working with a game engine and implementing 3D work into engine.
  • Knowledge of character setup and rigging.
  • Ability to handle critique as well as the ability to self-critique.
  • Ability to learn and master new tools and techniques.
  • Shipped AAA game(s).


If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and portfolio and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

In addition to opportunities for creative impact and professional growth which come with being a member of our team, working at Respawn has many other perks and benefits! You can read more about these at


Respawn is looking to hire a Principal Character Artist (Star Wars Team) at their Los Angeles, CA, USA location. Job contains the tags AAA, Rigging, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, Unity, Character and Art.
Job discovered on 8/1/2020

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