Product Manager/Producer

We’ve got a product. We’ve got a vision. What we don’t have is a dedicated human to focus on people, budgets, technologies, external deadlines, features, issues... and balance all of those against our shipping targets. Do you enjoy seeing a plan come together? Are you always seeing the forest for the trees? Do you daydream about improving processes? We would love your help wrangling, planning, and executing! We’re looking for someone who: - Is a hella-communicator. You can chat with engineers as easily as artists, translate from customer to dev team, and empathize with their priorities and concerns. - Is comfortable explaining the product direction and goals. - Can help select the almost-perfect project management software, and own it. Track bugs, features, assets, and tasks and keep the system up to date and tasks allocated. - Has a knack for sensing roadblocks, and passion for working with the team to eradicate them. - Can work with the leads to define and prioritize the features and roadmap. - Has seen SO MANY things go wrong and post-morted why it happened! - Loves thinking about the meta of the work processes and how to optimize them! Maybe they dream of destroying unnecessary meetings. Wonderful! If you meet most of the criteria for the job listing, we still want to hear from you! We believe in fostering talent and growing/training our team as we believe great human beings come first and building skillsets can happen over time with great humans. Also, if your industry calls the stated role something else, that’s ok too! absurd:joy is a collection of curious humans focused on bringing joy to remote communication. We haven’t announced what we’re working on yet, but it will be a not-necessarily-game focused on making remote communication more joyful! We’re an all-remote team spanning the North and South American timezones, and this is intrinsic to our culture! We firmly believe in life beyond work AND loving your work through healthy boundaries and habits, and we do this by supporting our team in having what they need to work where and how they want to. Much more detail about our culture here!
absurd:joy is looking to hire a Product Manager/Producer at their Remote location. Job contains the tags Remote, Senior, Lead and Producer.
Job discovered on 5/13/2021