Senior Game Designer (Apex Legends)

Our Apex Legends team is looking for a highly skilled Senior Game Designer who will develop designs from concept to final stages of polish, facilitating communication and coordinating departments to ensure the vision is understood and delivered upon. We’re imagining someone who is both creative and technical, who can invent and execute, and who values fun gameplay as much as we do. Although we are looking for design generalists with technical skills, there is opportunity in this role to focus on weapons, legends, game meta, and balance.

What’s it like to be a Game Designer at Respawn? 

-    Day to Day - Our game designers’ tasks include developing game design documents, prototyping, iterating, testing, and solving problems. You will be able to leverage your scripting and implementation skills. Some specific opportunities in this role include a focus on generating new ideas for Apex Legends, including new weapons, improvements on how all variables in the game are working together, ways to iterate on and improve balance, and how to further develop the game’s meta. There is a lot of opportunity for ownership in this role, and you will work both independently and as part of a team.

-    Creative Freedom  - We believe that when talented people have creative freedom and work together they will make extraordinary games that achieve the unexpected. Our designers are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, iterate for greatness, scope wisely, and deliver highly polished game designs they are proud of for players to enjoy. As a game designer you will have a direct hand in influencing the shape of the game and a voice when it comes to making the best game possible.

-    Ownership - Our teams are small and everyone has a lot of ownership over their work. Our game designers own their individual features from conceptualization to shipping. As part of a small team you will have the opportunity to shine here. 

-    Feel - Our studio puts a big emphasis on fun gameplay. We want responsive, immersive gameplay that just feels right. Every detail matters - whether it’s the way a player experiences traversing across a cliffside, the way a weapon feels amazing to use, the way overcoming a boss character can make a player feel powerful and smart, to the way an astonishing moment can leave a player breathless; it’s all crafted with purpose.  All disciplines in game development are accountable to the gameplay a player experiences - and our game designers are key influencers in ensuring the best feel possible.

-    Collaboration - Our game design team plays a central role in development. As a game designer you will collaborate with other designers and other disciplines, such as animation, code, vfx, and art. You will have the opportunity to evangelize the vision for your levels and work closely with other talented developers to deliver on the ultimate promise of “fun.” The work of our game designers has an impact on others, and they anticipate and communicate any design changes or scoping efforts that may affect schedules and workloads.

-    Values - Our game designers are aligned on their values. They share their inspiration, knowledge, and passion with the others in their department. They aspire to treat everything they work on as a personal masterpiece. They play the game and are encouraged to speak up if they see anything that is not up to our high standards. They play other studios’ games and stay abreast of trends, while also striving to invent and innovate. They put their time and passion into what will have the biggest payoff for players. Our leads also make a lot of effort to ensure that our designers work on aspects they are excited about.

What do we look for in Game Designer candidates?

-       Design Sensibilities and Insight - Our designers value having discussions with each other to better understand the intentions and level of success in their designs. We’d love for you to be able to articulate why you made the decisions you’ve made in your own designs - what worked well, what you would change in hindsight, and what you learned. We also value your ability to analyze and break down, from a designer’s perspective, the aspects that work well or don’t work well in games you’ve played and why.

-       You’ve Made Stuff You Are Proud Of -  Whether it’s professional or personal work, we’d like to see gameplay in your portfolio that you developed from concept to finish. We like to see portfolios that showcase strong game design skills - sensibility, gameplay, technical skills, documents, etc. If your portfolio includes work that you developed as part of a team, we’d like to know the specifics of what you contributed versus what was handled by others.

-       Passion - We look for game designers who are highly passionate. Our team is constantly sharing inspiration and working to raise the quality bar. No one is phoning it in here – our team loves what they do and it shows in their work.

-       Potential Over Experience – We value talent over years of experience. Experience counts, but potential is important too. We look for talented, highly motivated people with a strong sense of design and a keen eye for quality.

-       Teamplayer – Positivity and a great attitude help to fuel greatness. The ability to accept feedback and critiques will help you tailor your work towards what’s best for the game. We look for designers who demonstrate a willingness to keep an open mind to team members’ ideas, incorporating suggestions to tailor your work towards what’s best for the game. Making games is a group effort and you will work closely with other talented departments that are experts in what they do. Teamwork is very important to our success.

Ideally, you also will have...

Professional game development experience with at least one shipped title.

Fluency in one or more scripting or programming languages.

A strong attention to detail and the ability to meticulously polish gameplay moments to a AAA quality.

A strong sense of timing and taste, as well as cinematic flair.

Experience in rapid prototyping to test feasibility of concepts.

Ability to pitch game design concepts in a clear, detailed manner, through strong written and verbal skills.

Deep player expertise in one or more game genres.

5+ years professional experience as a designer for games, ideally as a scripter and/or weapons designer. 

Self-direction and the ability to work autonomously as well as with a team.

If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and portfolio and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

Respawn is looking to hire a Senior Game Designer (Apex Legends) at their Los Angeles, CA, USA location. Job contains the tags AAA, Senior, Unity and Designer.
Job discovered on 2/13/2020

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