Senior Graphics Engineer

DESCRIPTION: Earth 2® is a futuristic platform for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a global map correspond to user owned and generated digital virtual environments. As a highly skilled Senior Graphics Engineer on the Earth 2 team, you will help create the cutting edge 3D graphics engine behind this highly ambitious and transformative project. This role will focus on developing custom rendering pipeline and graphics systems for indoor and outdoor environments on a massive scale, utilizing Unity. You will work closely with our top-notch cross-disciplinary team of artists, engineers and designers to define and implement the vision and architecture for our visuals and related tools. You should have a broad knowledge of modern game engine technology, and will collaborate on game and platform features to deliver performant and highly scalable graphics based solutions. Applicants must be experienced with rendering pipelines, shaders, low level optimization principles, and high-level rendering techniques. RESPONSIBILITIES: • Design and develop new graphical features for our platform, from artist facing tools to world-class visuals for players • Translate recent developments in graphics technology into practical features for the rendering system • Collaborate with design, art and production teams to devise optimal rendering solutions to game requirements • Develop tools and processes to help improve content creators speed, accessibility and productivity • Implement, test, and parameterize new shaders in order to move as much work as possible to the GPU • Profile, analyze, and improve rendering performance, from low-level situations to high-level architectural decisions • Produce high quality, well-documented code promoting modularity, extensibility and performance • Work autonomously to tackle large features, and solve technical design and development problems • Identify and articulate technical and production risks and obstacles, as well as generate solutions • Follow best practices, development processes, and coding standards adopted by the team • Help solve and optimize the challenges in a modern engine (load times, memory usage, streaming, multiplayer and performance issues) REQUIRED SKILLS: University degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience • 5+ years experience in the fields of Computer Science or Software Engineering • 3+ years of experience creating graphics code for gaming or real time graphics • In depth expertise in C# and Unity, including rendering pipeline, asset management and profilers • Knowledge about memory alignment, Unity DOTS, Unity Job System, SIMD and the Burst compiler • The ability to select, customize and implement rendering techniques to achieve high quality visuals and performance • Expertise with terrain rendering, including LOD, map generation and related systems • Experience in shipping multiple games or interactive real-time applications • Strong background in computer science fundamentals, design patterns, algorithms and data structures • Deep understanding of the math and algorithms used in computer graphics and rendering Experience with popular graphics APIs such as Direct3D/OpenGL/Vulkan • Proficient in shader languages (HLSL/CG), compute shaders and graph-based shader tools Exceptional problem solving, performance analysis and debugging skills • Full understanding of game tool pipelines from content creation to in-game • implementation • Able to work in a fully remote environment, with a positive attitude We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume/CV to
Earth 2 is looking to hire a Senior Graphics Engineer at their Anywhere location. Job contains the tags Unity and C#.
Job discovered on 11/12/2021