Senior Software Engineer

No crunch. No core hours. Work the way that suits you. Bitwise Alchemy is a company providing consulting and contracting services to top game developers. We are the team that gets called to solve tough problems for large AAA companies. We offer a unique way to apply your game development skills: - Never crunch! Our engineers have a fixed number of hours they can work each month (160h), minus any holidays or PTO. - Extremely flexible work schedule. Each engineer tracks their hours worked, but is free to deliver those hours however they like. For example, it would be fine to take every Friday off and make up the hours on other days. - Visit many different game companies, technologies, platforms, and IPs. Typically an engineer can expect to work on the same project for 3-12 months at a time. - We are a remote-only company. All work is done from home, during and after the pandemic. We offer full time employment in the US and Canada, and can contract elsewhere. We know what it takes to retain the best talent: - Great salary - 1 month severance - PTO - Matching 401k (USA) - Generous health, dental, life/disability benefits (USA). - Respect Requirements: - 7+ years of software engineering experience. - Strong C++ skills. - A desire to explore new projects and solve tough problems. Having experience in some of these areas is important: - Unreal Engine 4 - Graphics - Optimization - Networking and Multiplayer - Backend service development - UI development - Math - Multiple platforms (Consoles, Mobile, PC) - General game dev experience (tools, animation, gameplay, AI, physics, etc)
Bitwise Alchemy is looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer at their Remote location. Job contains the tags Programmer, C++, Unreal, Remote, AAA, Senior, English and Physics.
Job discovered on 2/27/2021