Social Media & Community Manager

Raven Travel Studios – an indie game developer working currently on Fantasy Network is looking for a part-time Social Media & Community Manager. We are looking for someone who can help us build and moderate communities including Steam, Discord, Reddit, Twitch and others. The core of operations will be monitoring and posting on social media. The ideal candidate is a passionate gamer, comfortable with online communities and social media, one that has excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a highly dynamic environment. Bonus points for retro and metroidvania fans! This is a remote position. This position comes with a one-month (fully paid) trial period. Time of start: straight away. The sooner, the better. Qualifications: • Twitch, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, IMGUR, TikTok, are like your second home. You are familiar with new social tools and not afraid to jump into the next big thing. • Ability to write engaging copy that is appropriate for the audience and platforms, primarily short form with occasional long form writing. • Fluency in both spoken and written English. • Not being shy to present to a large audience. • Video and streaming platforms management. Working with the rest of the team to moderate and create streams on Twitch, Youtube or other platforms. • Playing and testing video game in order to understand and influence their design and strengths towards PR and marketing. • Proactive, self-sufficient and not always waiting for direction. Key responsibilities: • Assisting project manager and developer with regards to communication, PR and marketing. • Playing the game to get full understanding of the product. You’ll capture game footage and edit simple videos to be used in social media. • Creating an action plan together with the developer. Developer will provide videos, screenshots, artworks and information according to the plan. You’ll report the results using simple metrics. • Posting scheduled content to Facebook game and studio pages and appropriate Facebook groups gathering people that might be interested in the game. You’ll encourage discussion in these groups. • Posting scheduled content to Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Imgur and engaging in the discussions on the platform. • Monitoring what news are trending in social media in real time and creating RTM posts for all channels. • Communicating via e-mail and Twitter, finding and contacting media representatives that might be interested in the game. • Finding and contacting other indie developers that might be interested in cross promoting the game. • Applying to game trades and festivals. • Managing game’s Discord server and interacting with its audience. • Taking part in brainstorming sessions where your ideas are valued and taken into consideration for our game. All candidates are welcome to send their proposals to pr at
Raven Travel Studios is looking to hire a Social Media & Community Manager at their Torino, Italy location. Job contains the tags Remote and English.
Job discovered on 2/3/2021

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Social Media & Community Manager
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