Software Rendering Engineer

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Respawn is looking for a Rendering Engineer to push next-gen platforms and the PC to their limits on Apex Legends. You are a shader enthusiast, and you are happy working with CPU and GPU profiles (such as PIX, Razor and Renderdoc) and you enjoy optimizing both whilst maintaining or improving visual fidelity. You are a life-long learner, keeping up with the latest rendering techniques and research papers, and you work with a creative team to help them realize their artistic vision.

What you’ll do...

Write C/C++ code, with a deep mid to senior level Graphics knowledge.

Work closely with designers, artists, and animators to design systems and make something great.

Fix tricky bugs.

Proactively identify and deal with issues before they blow up.

Ability to contribute to and improve all aspects of a game.

Ideally, you'll have…

  • Passion for making and playing games.
  • Extraordinary C/C++ skills.
  • Interest in all parts of the code base, and making really solid Graphics.
  • Console programming experience on a AAA game.
  • Experience with multi-threaded programming.
  • Excellent math skills with an emphasis on 3D math.
  • Experience with large code bases and ability to work on code that you didn't write.
  • Experience optimizing code and data to improve both memory consumption and execution speed.
  • Minimum four years professional experience as an engineer on a game team.
  • CS degree preferred.

Other qualities we look for…

  • Computer science, mathematics, physics, or related degree.
  • Strong game design experience.
  • Passion for games.

If this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, please submit your resume and we will get back to you once we have reviewed.

In addition to opportunities for creative impact and professional growth which come with being a member of our team, working at Respawn has many other perks and benefits! Learn more at

Respawn is looking to hire a Software Rendering Engineer at their Los Angeles, CA, USA location. Job contains the tags AAA, Unity, C++, Physics and Programmer.
Job discovered on 7/31/2020

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