Staff Engineer

Staff Engineer

We are looking for an experienced full-stack Staff Engineer to join our game development team. As a Staff Engineer, you will design and implement new game features end-to-end, working closely with game designers, artists and other engineers. Depending on your personal interest, you can focus on player-facing features, like teams and real-time chat, or focus more on back-end issues, such as mobile-server synchronization improvements or content distribution pipelines. 

Our client code is primarily written in C# and Unity, with server code primarily in Go, but we believe that strong software engineers can quickly learn any programming language as needed. 

At Storm8, all of our engineers take pride of ownership in their code and features, incorporating player feedback into design revisions and ensuring that they have as much fun as possible.


  • Design and implement scalable, reliable, and maintainable technologies across our whole stack, making end-to-end changes across distributed server and client code on iOS/Android platforms for both existing and new game development
  • Code and develop features such as in-app purchase and animations for use in our social/mobile games
  • Promote code maintainability, extensibility, and reusability across all mobile devices
  • Drive and guide code quality and design decisions
  • Train and assist non-technical staff with our Unity tools, identifying where additional tools would be helpful
  • Collect, analyze, and respond to data related to the performance of our mobile games
  • Collaborate closely with other software engineers, product, art, and game design teams to define our next generation games 


  • Software Engineers that have the ability to solve complex problems with simple and optimal solutions
  • Exceptional coding abilities; writing clean, maintainable, bug-free code
  • Engineers who have the ability to learn different technologies and programming languages quickly
  • Experience in Unity, iOS or Android development, and/or social/mobile gaming a plus
  • Strong empathy for players
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Skill in developing algorithms, including analyzing and optimizing the algorithms of others
  • Skill in using database systems such as MySQL and Vertica
  • Background in reviewing, analyzing, and optimizing the database schemas of others
  • Understanding of internet security and vulnerabilities, as demonstrated by a background in implementing secure coding practices
  • Familiarity with multiple distributed server technologies
  • 5+ years experience in software engineering
  • B.S. Computer Science or equivalent quantitative field preferred 


Storm8 is looking to hire a Staff Engineer at their San Francisco, CA, USA location. Job contains the tags Unity, C#, MySQL and Programmer.
Job discovered on 6/16/2021