UE4 Multiplayer Developer

Arcane Ermine is a small independently funded startup studio based in Reno, NV that is exploring what happens when game professionals, not accountants, run a company. We aim to provide a crunch free environment full of all of the equipment, tools, and perks that the employees want or need. This is your opportunity to be part of a team where you can actually have a voice in the direction of the company. The goal of our company is to make the games we would like to play with as little compromise as possible. Arcane Ermine is a rarity among startup indie studios in the sense that we pay our employees a salary and do not take contracts for working on other company’s games. Every bit of work you do, will be on a creation of the game studio. If you’re the type of person that enjoys the startup lifestyle, and want to help shape the future of the company you work for, we look forward to your application! We’re looking for someone located in or near Reno, NV. Our studio has “core hours” where employees are expected to be in the office on a few specific days during the week. Outside of core hours, employees can opt to work remote, or from the office. As long as you get your work done on time, expect tons of leeway and flexibility in your schedule! Arcane Ermine offers premium health, dental, and vision insurance paid 100% by us. We plan on adding more perks as the team grows, like 401k (with matching) and paid lunches. Partial relocation assistance may be available if you are not currently local. Responsibilities -Developing systems related to networking and multiplayer gameplay within UE4. -Integrate with one or more Online Subsystems (like Steam or Epic Online Services). -Debugging and optimizing network systems for optimal latency and bandwidth utilization. -Adapting third-party tools, libraries and APIs for networking. -Advise team members on development techniques, technologies, and best practices. -Create or improve tools as necessary to support product development. -Mentoring less experienced developers on the team so they understand how multiplayer systems work. -Keep up with emerging best practices for your job role. Qualifications -3 to 5 years of experience with UE4. -Experience with Unreal’s Online Subsystems and session API. -Experience developing server architecture and applications for online console and/or PC video games. -Deep understanding of client-server and P2P architecture, scalability and security considerations. -Expertise in C++, sockets, UE Servers, and Server Replication. -Understanding of networking protocols including TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, and SNMP. -Fluent in English and excellent written and verbal communication and documentation skills. Job Summary This position works toward the creation of compelling game experiences. The primary responsibility of this position is to deliver high quality and timely software for all assigned projects. This position must demonstrate a high degree of initiative and is accountable for the thorough implementation of all tasks assigned. Statement of Inclusion Arcane Ermine believes that diversity, inclusion and equity are essential to building an inspiring and effective workplace. We want every team member to feel truly valued and honored for their unique stories and identities. We strive to ensure that a clear commitment to these values is at the core of Arcane Ermine’s ethos. We are a LGBTQIA+ supportive company.
Arcane Ermine is looking to hire a UE4 Multiplayer Developer at their Reno, NV location. Job contains the tags English, C++, Programmer and Unreal.
Job discovered on 5/28/2021