Unreal C++ Gameplay Programmer

Responsibilities Chico Games is a UK based studio working on The Store is Closed which is a furniture store survival game where at night the store closes staff attack. Information about the game: Game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_o22TTZtPw Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ziggygamedev We’re looking for C++ gameplay programmer to help develop the melee combat system as well as work on enemy AI. You’ll need experience creating multiplayer games and any experience working with AI, Pathfinding and Behavior Trees would be a plus. You’d be working directly with an animator to create a first person combat system as well as enemy behavior and AI in a multiplayer title. • Collaborating with the team to design the melee combat and as well as enemy behavior. • Majority C++ project where blueprints are mainly used to facilitate design and iteration. • Comfortable working with AI, Pathfinding, Behavior Trees, EQS. • Experience with creating Animation blueprints. • Working with an animator one on one to build unique enemy behaviors and attacks. Qualifications • 2+ years C++ gameplay programming experience (University courses count towards this). • Experience working on a project with online multiplayer. • Experience working on a combat system, enemy AI, Pathfinding, Behavior Trees, EQS. • Experience doing gameplay and combat design. • Experience working with animation blueprints. Would be a plus: • Experience with Unreal GAS. • Experience on a first person project. How To Apply: Email ZiggyGameDev+GamedevJobs@gmail.com Please put ‘C++ Gameplay programmer’ in the subject. Please include a CV and any projects/games you’ve contributed to, and what you personally worked on for each project.
Chico Games is looking to hire a Unreal C++ Gameplay Programmer at their Remote location. Job contains the tags C++, Unreal, Programmer and Remote.
Job discovered on 11/17/2021