VFX Programmer

If you’re searching for something more than just a workplace, if you want to be a co-creator rather than just another cog in the machine, if you want to go down in the history of the game industry working as a part of great productions – read this ad. Bloober Team S.A. is not only a leading horror producer, with strong financial ground beneath it, a clear strategy and perhaps most interestingly, a portfolio of pending productions. Most of all, it’s a place of business with a comfortable and open working atmosphere, and a great team working with passion soon to be found on the new generation of consoles. If you’re looking not only for a well-paid job, but also a great atmosphere and the opportunity to be remembered for your work – apply to this position: VFX Programmer Within this role you will be responsible for: 🔹 creating and integrating various VFX systems inside UE4 engine (Cascade and Niagara), 🔹 extending UE4 VFX systems to suit VFX Artists needs, 🔹 working closely with Technical Animators/Gameplay Programmers on implementing various gameplay driven effects, 🔹 implementing various state of the art VFX systems (fluid solvers, volumetric effects, compute shaders, etc.), 🔹 creating C++ plugins to aid VFX Artists (content importing plugins from Houdini, etc.). Job requirements 🔹 vast knowledge of UE4 VFX systems (Cascade/Niagara), 🔹 vast knowledge of UE4 material system, 🔹 excellent knowledge of C++ (in context of VFX programming in UE4), 🔹 excellent knowledge of HLSL, 🔹 practical knowledge of current trends and solutions in VFX creation pipeline, 🔹 great teamwork skills, 🔹 English skills that allow you to communicate on an everyday basis. Nice to have: 🔹 strong 3D vector and math skills, 🔹 some experience with 3D software (Maya, Houdini), 🔹 ability to complete complex tasks with minimal supervision, 🔹 being a fan of horror genre (books, movies etc.). What do we have to offer: 🔹 earnings fitting to your skills and experience, 🔹 possibility of long-term cooperation on current and upcoming projects, 🔹 work in a creative environment, in a committed team of game enthusiasts, 🔹 work in a modern, comfortable office, 🔹 flexible working hours, days off, private healthcare, and working with new technologies.
Bloober Team S.A. is looking to hire a VFX Programmer at their Cracow, Poland location. Job contains the tags C++, English, Unreal, Programmer and Tech.
Job discovered on 6/26/2020