Web Developer

ABOUT THE ROLE Become part of our core engineering team and help us build the next generation open source platform for building virtual worlds. We are looking for a full-stack developer that can help us build, improve and maintain all the customer-facing websites around our platform, including developer accounts, billing, virtual world visualizations, starting and stopping cloud instances as well as our own website. You will build new features, optimize existing ones and influence the way we interact with our customers on a daily basis. You will work closely with our CTO, backend programmers and the rest of the engineering team to help design, develop, deploy and maintain our code. ABOUT US Coherence’s mission is to revolutionize how multiplayer games are made and what they can become. You will play an important role in creating a platform that enables developers to run massive virtual worlds with millions of players. We are a small but fast growing team of industry veterans who have shipped several hit games played by millions of people (e.g. Limbo, Inside, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Terminator: Salvation, Frostbite network engine, etc.). TECH & QUALIFICATIONS Some of the tech we are currently using: - Typescript, Go, C#, Unity - GitHub, continuous integration environment Fast learners with experience in other languages (especially Rust) are welcome to apply. We are looking for someone who: - Has good coding practices (incl. CI) - Has experience with front-end and back-end web development - Has reasonable aesthetic feel - Has creativity and drive - Has 5+ years of professional programming experience (or equivalent) - Is ambitious, loves high quality and attention to detail, has a problem-solving mindset, a positive attitude and openness to feedback Bonus Points: - Experience with Go, GraphQL, Rust, Websockets - Shipped projects (professional or amateur, games or otherwise) - Enthusiasm for open source - Experience working in teams - Passion about games and their potential STUDIO We are located in the heart of Malmö, Sweden. Malmö is a fast growing city with more than 1000 game developers, good restaurants, a nice beach and great public transport and biking infrastructure (including electric scooters). Our large and cozy studio is located at the Game Habitat DevHub, a fantastic workspace for game studios with frequent events, gatherings, a relaxation area as well as sauna and ping pong.
Coherence is looking to hire a Web Developer at their Malmö, Sweden location. Job contains the tags Senior, Lead, Unreal, Unity, Ruby, C#, C++, HTML, Frostbite, Tech, Web Developer, Programmer, Animation and AAA.
Job discovered on 10/9/2019